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Date: 31 Oct 2013, Place:New Delhi


INDIA AT RISK : Mistakes, Misadventures and Misconceptions of Security Policy


Experience of over sixty-six years of independence informs us that India has failed to respond adequately in meeting challenges to its national security, external or internal. The challenge is comprehensive and it is a holistic concern, but our understanding and response to the challenge is limited.

There are many factors that have led to such a situation. First is an absence of secure governance.  A critically debilitating disjunct exist between governments and the governed; around 127 districts being Maoist dominated is only one example of it.  The politics that we propound, then pursue and the need and yearning of our times is antipodal.  The system that we have perpetrated and the challenging demand of our times are in gross disharmony.  Which is why the practice of politics, the practitioners of it, the pursuers of it are not held in any esteem leave alone trust by the citizenry.  Then peace internationally along our borders: why do we continue to have about the longest unsettled land border in the world?  And that, too, 66 years after independence?  What has brought all this about, domestic and international deficiencies? Is it on account of conceptual fault lines or fractures in governance? Both, says Jaswant Singh, ably laying bare the challenges, responses and the consequences of failing to reach the goal  of credible defence and security policies in independent India.

Having directly handled the responsibility of managing a whole series of security-related challenges, Jaswant Singh provides a uniquely informed and illuminating analysis of the major challenges that India has faced over the last sixty-six years: the conflicts, the issues, and the consequences of our failures that remain with us till this day.  How does it look in the first quarter of the 21st century? 


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