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Mayo College Alumni


About MAAD (Mayo College Alumni Association Delhi)

The Mayo College, Ajmer is a prestigious residential school in India. It was established in 1875 to educate and nurture the princes of the royal families of Rajasthan. After Independence it emerged as a famous public school. The Mayo College Girls school was established in 1987, a residential school adjoining the boy’s school. It has built a reputation of being among the best residential school for girls in the country. Both are governed by the same General Council.

The Mayo College Old Boys Association, Delhi is a registered association, of the Delhi chapter of the Mayo College Old Boys Association Ajmer. It was registered on 8th February 1980.

The alumni of both the schools decided to share resources of the alumni associations. This led to the Mayo College Old Boys Association, Delhi taking on a new mantle and registering a new association. Thus, the Mayo Alumni Association Delhi (MAAD) was registered in 2015 as a common alumni association for both Schools for NCR area.

The Mayo Alumni Association Delhi has an active body of alumni who are involved with its activity. It brings together the Mayo alumni residing in the NCR to engage with each other through several activities. Due to this, MAAD has created significant strides for the advancement of alumni relations and programs. MAAD holds its own activities and supports alumni programs & services. It is the fulcrum for communication with alumni, and seeks to strengthen bonds among them. MAAD is committed to be responsive to alumni voices and provide them a dynamic space for engagement across batches and houses MAAD endeavours to have a healthy and vibrant network to help alumni assist each other.


To foster communication & build an amiable relationship among the vibrant & progressive Alumni and the Alma mater, the Mayo College, Ajmer. To providing alumni the optimal support in social and professional networking across their diverse professional lives in the myriad fields of life that Mayo nurtured us for.

Objects of the Association:

Students come from all parts of India and neighboring countries and live harmoniously in age diverse and culturally diverse boarding houses. The emphasis is on being 'outdoors', education through 'exploration', interdisciplinary teaching and teaching beyond classroom. Students are groomed to be Independent, Doers, Enablers, Collaborators, Team players and Leaders. The students live on campus in non air conditioned environment and grow to become resilient. The focus is on holistic all round development and not on rote learning for examinations.

  • To bring MAAD Alumni on a healthy platform for networking, exchanging experiences, sharing knowledge and achievements amongst its members.
  • To strengthen bonds of fellowship & cooperation between the Alumni
  • To forge the sense of dedication among the Alumni towards their school.
  • To help and support Alumni to find better job opportunities that befit their chosen professional fields, if required. 
  • To organize seminars, lectures, learning & training courses for the alumni to upscale their skills and develop professional competence for growth.
  • To conduct various activities for alumni engagement to make them Re-live the old campus days.
  • To bring out magazines, news bulletins and social updates highlighting the activities of the MAAD and its Alumni.
  • To encourage the Alumni to take abiding interest and contribute in the progress and development of their Alma Mater.
  • Promote and encourage high standards of education, activities and traditions at Mayo College Ajmer; and Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer hereinafter referred to as “Colleges” 
  • Promote good-will among past students and their families and to promote good-will in their relations with the staff and authorities of the Colleges;
  • Ascertain, guide and help the progress of students of the Colleges and to assist in their career placements;
  • Hold examinations, to accept and or/to grant scholarships in any other Institution or University, whether in India or abroad, and to institute prizes, awards for students/past students of the Colleges, who may be considered worthy of honour by the Association with the consent of concerned authorities;
  • To store and sell articles of memorabilia including publications, relevant to the purposes and objects of the Association;
  • Co-operate, manage, take over and grant affiliation to any other Association, Organisation or Societies having aims and objectives similar to objects enumerated hereinabove, either in part or whole;
  • To organize activities and programs and other acceptable ideas in furtherance of the above objects and as may be conducive to the attainment of the above objectives;
  • Do the above and all such other things of general public utility not involving the carrying on of any activity for profit, as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects without any distinction of religion, community, caste, sex, race, creed or colour.
  • Promote goodwill among the general public by undertaking selective charitable activities to benefit the economically / physically underprivileged members of Indian society.
  • Provide financial and organizational assistance to NGO’s and monitor the flow and utilization of the funds so provided for the specific public utility/benefit/convenience.
  • Hold examinations /interviews/trials so as to grant scholarships including sports scholarships at Mayo College or in any other educational institution to such students who possess potential but require financial assistance in accordance with the provisions of Right to Education Act. Provided that such scholarships shall be granted in conjunction by the rules and regulations so established by not less than three fourth of the committee members present at such special meetings.

Reasons to Get Involved With Alumni Association

  • Networking opportunities
  • Career building tools
  • Offers & Benefits
  • Camaraderie
  • Get-togethers, intellectual interaction & informative lectures
  • Give back to Alma Mater


Mr. Harmeet Singh


Mr. Sumant Dhamija

Vice President

Mr. Kirit Javali


Mr. Pankaj Karna


Committee members

Mr. Alok Bansidhar Shriram
Mr. Sameer Mutreja
Mr. Vilas Pawar
Mr. Dipin Kapur
Mr. Rudra Shriram
Mr. Sandeep Suri
Mr. Kirit Javali
Dr. Jitendra Nath Mishra
Mr. Ambarish Raghuvanshi