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Mayo College Alumni


Regulatory Information

Thank you for your interest in Mayo College Alumni Association Delhi. Below is important regulatory information to ensure transparency and compliance with applicable laws and regulations:

Legal Entity:

    Mayo College Alumni Association Delhi is a non-profit Association registered under SOCIEITES REGISTRATION ACT OF 1860.

Registration Details:

  • Registration Number: S/68893/2010
  • Date of Registration: 22ND MARCH 2010
  • Registered Office: C - 39, NITI BAGH, NEW DELHI

Tax Exemption Status:

    Mayo College Alumni Association Delhi has been granted tax-exempt under 11-Clause (i) of first proviso to sub-section (5) of section 80G of Income Tax Act. vide Application No 377265070280821 dated 24.09.2021bfrom AY 2022-23 to AY 2026-27.

Governing Documents:

    The association operates in accordance with its constitution, bylaws, and any other governing documents. These documents are available upon request.

Board of Directors:

    Mayo College Alumni Association Delhi is governed by a Board of Members responsible for overseeing the association's operations and strategic direction. The current list of board members is available upon request.

Financial Information:

    Annual financial statements are prepared and audited by S K Vohra& Co. Copies of these statements are available for review by members upon request.

Code of Conduct:

    Mayo College Alumni Association Delhi adheres to a Code of Conduct outlining ethical standards and expectations for members, volunteers, and staff. The Code of Conduct is available on our website.

Compliance with Data Protection Laws:

    Mayo College Alumni Association Delhi is committed to complying with data protection laws, including but not limited to GDPR/other applicable regulations. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details.

Contact Information:

    For any regulatory inquiries or additional information, please contact us at

    By engaging with Mayo College Alumni Association Delhi, you acknowledge awareness of the regulatory information provided above.